Main Street Waterloo is dedicated to enhancing the vitality of our downtown center. With your partnership we are able to achieve great things in Downtown Waterloo. Through donations and sponsorships, we are able to provide education and resources to downtown business owners, put on events, make our downtown beautiful, and much much more!


Flower Sponsorship

The pink wave petunia flower baskets have become synonymous with Downtown Waterloo. Each spring, Main Street Waterloo volunteers hang over 120 of these beautiful flower baskets, adorning downtown from May until October.

The program is made possible through contributions of individuals and businesses like yourself.


Funky Junk-a-Loo Sponsorship

Funky Junk-a-Loo is the areas favorite antique, repurposing, and vintage vendor show. This annual event welcomes vendors from all of the Midwest to showcase their merchandise in a two-day event. The event is hosted at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center where the building is transformed into a re-purposed paradise and sea of antiques utilizing every square inch of the facility.

Sponsoring Funky Junk-a-Loo is an excellent way to reach a unique demographic of individuals throughout the area. Funky Junk-a-Loo averages over 4,000 attendees each year!