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Tour de LOO

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Thursday, May 16


Discover What's New

This fundraiser is a ticketed event showcasing what is new, recently renovated, and being revitalized in downtown Waterloo! Experience the latest and greatest in Downtown Waterloo!

This year, we are thrilled to collaborate with the City of Waterloo's Historic Preservation Commission to not only showcase Downtown Waterloo, but celebrate the work in historic preservation throughout our city.

Experience the latest and greatest in Downtown Waterloo! Join us on May 16th from 4:30-9PM for Tour De Loo and explore new construction, properties undergoing major renovations, and recently renovated spaces. Discover the history behind each location, have a fun night out with friends, and witness how much Downtown Waterloo has transformed over the past year.


Take a tour of locations throughout downtown and culminate your experience with an after party and awards ceremony at the Sullivan Brothers Museum, complete with snacks, entertainment, a program, and the chance to win prizes! Tickets are available for $15 each, but if you have a group of friends, family, or co-workers you want to join you, opt for a group ticket package instead: 10 tickets for $115.

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