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Downtown Waterloo Flowers

The pink petunia flower baskets have become synonymous with downtown Waterloo. Each spring, Main Street Waterloo volunteers hang over 100 of these beautiful flower baskets, adorning downtown from May until October.

The program is made possible through the contributions of individuals and small businesses throughout the Cedar Valley.

Thank you to A&W Greenhouse for helping us with the beautiful flowers this year! The Fuchsia Waive Petunias have brought joy to those visiting downtown this summer.

Pollinator Project Partners
Silos & Smokestacks
Full Light Pole
In Memory of Jim Walsh
Stifel Nicolaus
Block Sponsors
Community Electric
Align Architecture & Planning Plc
Flowers Under the Lights
Beecher Law Firm
Tom Brown
Nick Hedrick
Lee Homeister
Ed Ottesen
Nagle Signs
Pretty Good Co.
Linda Walsh
Cara Miller
Paul Hutting
Michelle Temeyer
Grow Cedar Valley Ambassadors
Speer Financial
Ritland+Kuiper Landscape Architects
Bloom Box Sponsors
Adams Evenson & Co. P.C.
Petunia Partner
Brian Aronson
JB Bolger
Chris Hale
Ethan Hughes
Chawne Paige
Samantha Price
Brian Ritter
Star Rupe
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