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COngratulations Gray Lane Yoga!


Main Street Waterloo launched our first grant program, the Downtown IMPACT Grant in September 2022. The grant was implemented to provide an opportunity for local businesses in the downtown Waterloo district who are actively working to positively impact our community. The grant has been funded through contributions from businesses, community members, and the Main Street Waterloo Golf Tournament that was held May of 2022. Main Street Waterloo and the downtown businesses would like to give a huge thank you to the generous sponsors, donors, and participants who made this grant program possible.

Downtown Waterloo businesses were invited to apply for the first Downtown IMPACT Grant. Applications were review and scored by the Main Street Waterloo Economic Vitality COuncil and the top scoring businesses were invited to pitch their project live to a panel of judges.

Epic Finds - First Runner Up

Epic Finds is a local business aimed at bringing back a sense of community and belonging to the local residents. This business provides a welcoming atmosphere and is striving to build a culture of downtown community. Shopping at Epic Finds is an experience, not a task. They serve the community offering top quality furniture and accessories from the 1940s through the 1970s. Their mission is to grow the base of those who decorate using Art Deco, Mid Century and Post-Modern creations with the ultimate goal of providing a unique, relaxed and fun shopping experience with mid-century music and vibes, and the ability to sid down, kick back and chat with the owner.

Gray Lane Yoga+Uplift Fitness

Gray Lane Yoga has been helping the community find inner peace and self-love since November 2020. They provide a variety of unique classes each week that cater to all levels. Gray Lane Yoga+Uplift Fitness' mission is to guide individuals on their journey of personal development with practices that uplift the mind, body, and heart.

The addition of Uplift Fitness will expand the studio to include aerial yoga and bungee fitness. This expansion will allow Gray Lane to fully exemplify the power of uplifting ourselves. Aerial yoga is often offered as a hybrid, combining traditional yoga, Pilates, and dance using yoga hammocks. Aerial yoga is quickly gaining stride as a therapeutic and accessible yoga option. The versatility and support of the fabric allow people to access new movements and can reduce the loaded on wrists and knees, which can sometimes limit mobility in a floor-based practice. Aerial yoga offers assistance that gives clients the advantages of a low-impact, gentle on the joints workout with a winder base of exercises all while having fun!

The Downtown IMPACT Grant will help provide resources for Gray Lane Yoga to take the next step in their journey adding Uplift Fitness. Uplift Fitness will include additional class times, open-gym opportunities, and consistent business hours allowing for more foot traffic and drop-ins throughout the day. In addition to regular class times, Uplift Fitness will host private events such as bachelorette parties, weekend getaways and partner with Air BnBs/hotels, and city-wide celebrations.

Owner Kelsey O'Bannon shared, "My classes are more than moving your body, they're focus is on your whole being; mind, body, and heart. It's so easy to go about our daily lives and never step outside of our comfort zone. But what if you took a chance? What if you dared to dream? What if that dream changed your life? It's never too late to dream! Now, Gray Lane Yoga is becoming what I always dreamed it could be."

Jessica Rucker, executive director of Main Street Waterloo said, "The team is overjoyed at the progress made this year. The grant went from an idea at our January meeting, to awarding this fantastic project that will bring people to Downtown Waterloo in December. Gray Lane Yoga+Uplift Fitness exceeded the expectations of the team for our first-year grant. We cannot wait to watch the progress of this project and share in their inaugural class." Work will begin in early 2023, with Aerial yoga classes to start mid-year. Bungee yoga will soon follow. Watch the progress here on our website, social media, and Gray Lane's Facebook page.

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