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FROm wedding To Wedding

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lOOking to SeLL Your Items?


Resale Table
From $30

Looking to participate as a vendor at From Wedding to Wedding 2024? Read the guidelines, complete the application, pay the vendor fee, and you are ready to sell! Table space is limited, so early registration is strongly recommended.

  • All vendors must be pre-registered and paid for in advance. Pre-registration ensures that there is availability for your reservation. If accepted, you will receive an email and invoice. Vendor fees are non-refundable.

  • Vendor areas will be assigned and a map will be sent out no later than March 29.

  • Each vendor area is a 10x10 space with one 6 foot rectangular table, two chairs, table covering. The tables will hold most “normal” sized merchandise. If you have any large scale items, they can be placed in the aisle as long as they are not blocking walkways. Staff and volunteers will be on site to help move tables if needed. You will need to provide all your own display materials (stands, signage, backdrops, etc.). Pricing remains the same for those who do not require a table, but are reserving a selling space.

  • If you need power to your space, be sure to add Electric to your application.

  • Wifi will be available.

  • All clothing and attire must be professionally dry cleaned and in good condition for resale. Dressing rooms are not provided, but restrooms are available on site for shoppers to try on with your permission.You are responsible for any hangers, garment bags, racks, or other display/preservation materials/directions.

  • This is not a garage sale or craft sale. Wedding related items only will be permitted to be sold. Merchandise sold could include, but is not limited to: dresses, decorations, wedding decor crafting supplies, favors, silk flowers, vases, books, magazines, jewelry, shoes, veils, etc.

  • Set up time will be from 8:30am to 10:30am on Saturday, April 6th. You are responsible for all delivery, unpacking, arranging, etc. for your vendor space. Main Street Waterloo and the Brown Derby Ballroom take no responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft to your merchandise. Likewise, the aforementioned organizations are not responsible for injury incurred from participants’ lifting or moving any materials before, during, or after the sale. We recommend that you recruit a friend or bring a cart if you have many or large items to carry in.

  • It is recommend that you have all items priced before you arrive at set up.

  • You are responsible for accepting your own payments for items you are selling: Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Square, etc. Any negotiating or bartering will be between yourself and the buyer. All money transactions are between you and the buyer. You will want to bring a cash box of some sort with some change for people. We will not have cash on site to be able to provide change. As a seller, you will keep 100% of your profits.

  • You are responsible for removing all items brought in for sale by 3:00pm that day.

  • By agreeing to be a vendor, you agree to stay with your merchandise, be fully set up for the duration of the sale. This is important for customers who come shopping during the latter part of the sale.

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